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Welcome to the American Roulette Blog for Gamblers. American Roulette stand up play strategy. One of the reasons the Roulette Magic strategy is so powerful is because predicting numbers helps to interrupt the loss cycle. And also several number hits in a single session can really add up fast.

Playing American Roulette Professionally

As we examine this diagram of American Roulette, we can see that column 1 & 2 are centralized on one half of the wheel (the zero half), and column 1 & 3 are centralized on the other half of the wheel (the double zero half.) If you can predict which half of the wheel the ball is going to land on, then you know which two columns to bet on. On the zero half there are three traps; 0, 9, and 30. On the double zero half there are three traps; 00, 29, and 8. When betting with columns it is good to cover the traps when you predict the ball will land in the center of one of those halves. Strategies you might want to implement include betting high on the traps and low on the columns, or high on the columns and low on the traps. Memorizing the wheel is important when playing American Roulette Professionally. Here is a diagram of the wheel... As you can see, the 00 half is slightly larger. When we predict the ball will land in the center of the of the larger half, then it is time to back up our traps, and bet larger on columns 1&3. You may not want to bet too large, and save enough capital for a large double up the next time the center of the larger half is your predicted area.. As you can see, dozens are unreliable because they are more evenly distributed around the wheel. Column 1 can show up at anytime randomly, because column 1 is more evenly distributed around the wheel. This is why we always want to cover that column even though the third column may tend to show up more often. When playing to the columns, it may be a good idea to walk over to the wheel, to get a good glance of the wheel when the ball lands, to predict your next number. When starting out, a good way to predict which half of the wheel the ball is going to be on, is to count how many times the middle column shows up in a row. This will tell you how many times it takes for the ball to move to the other half of the wheel.

American Roulette Statistics

You will find that while playing American Roulette, some dealers tend to roll certain columns more often then others, in that case you can implement a doubling up sequence on the column that is showing up the most if it is showing up a large percent of the time... Also notice the triangle... When the third column hits twice in a row, the number 30 is more likely to hit next. The reason for these statistics, are the design of the wheel, and the majority of common angles the dealer may roll, applied to the wheel. A while back when I would implement the column shuffle technique on the columns, every once in a while I would lose three times in a row. When the Third column would show up twice I would get to a high bet on my first two columns, and then I would lose to the number 30! This happened to me several times! The 30 would be the number I lost to when the third column hit three times in a row. This is how I learned how to predict numbers after vigorously studying the wheel.

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